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When InTandem Systems established itself in the marketplace, our philosophy (and name) was based upon the principle of working together with all sectors within the supply chain. This proved to be a very effective and efficient approach and was later backed up by the ‘Re-thinking Construction Review’ which identified five key drivers of change and set the agenda for the future of the construction industry:

– Committed Leadership
– Focus on the customer
– Intergrated processes and teams
– A quality driven agenda
– Commitment to people

The ‘partnership approach’ continues to be a core part of InTandem’s business delivery and governs how we work with all stakeholders. As a result we maintain very strong and long-lasting relationships with key suppliers and system partners such as Trend, Syxthsense, Synapsys, Honeywell, Sontay and AAB all of whom provide first class support, training and back-up.




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